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Hawaiian Airlines is among the largest airlines in the US. The airline was founded in 1929 but started operations later the same year. It may interest you to know that the airline has a large fleet size of 62. Additionally, this air service flies to nearly 35 different destinations. You’ll love this; Hawaiian Airlines offer numerous services online.

Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy

A client is free to book a reservation on the airline’s official website. That’s not; a customer is also open to nullify a booking online. No wonder you need to understand the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy. You’ll be glad to know that this well-researched article will discuss the flight cancellation policy.

Apart from that, the write-up will also touch on the airline refund policy. Every customer deserves to get value for their money. Hawaiian Airlines offers top-class travel services and boasts of the most customer-friendly travel policies.

What is the Hawaiian Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy?

You must have heard about Hawaiian Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy. A client is free to nullify their booking within 24 hours after booking, for whatever reasons. The exciting reality is that you need not pay the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation fee. Not to mention, that such a client is eligible for a full refund. One can nullify the flight after 24 hours before the set expiry date.

However, you must know that you’ll have to cough up a flight cancellation fee. As you may rightly guess, the airline deducts this fee from the paid booking fee. Kindly note that Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy specifies the penalty for late cancellation. If you cancel the air ticket after expiry, the airline turns down your request.

Here’s some good news Hawaiian Airlines tickets have a validity of 12 months. This is enough period to revoke the cancellation in time. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned travel funds. As we’ll see later the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy 24 hours provides multiple ways of cancelling the air ticket.

Hawaiian Airlines Ticket Cancellation Process

Usually, the airline provides two ways of cancelling an air ticket. A customer may opt to nullify the booking online or offline.

Online Hawaiian Ticket Cancellation Process

Hawaiian Airlines offer several ways of cancelling the flight online. You may opt to invalidate the reservation on the airline’s official website. Secondly, you can utilize the airline’s mobile application. The third option available is to send the airline an email request.

a) Cancelling via the Airline’s Official Website

There’s no better way to revoke your flight than on the airline’s official website. You can visit the website www.hawaiianairlines.com to withdraw the reservation. Click on manage flights option to initiate the ticket cancellation process. After that, enter the flight details such as the booking number and the last name. Then follow the simple on-screen instructions to nullify your booking successfully.

If the flight cancellation is successful, you should receive an email confirmation. Usually, customer service takes between 4-21 hours.

b) Cancellation Through Hawaiian Airlines Mobile app

As hinted before, you can use the Hawaiian Airlines mobile app to cancel a booking. Kindly click on manage flights. After that, enter the correct flight details; ticket booking number and your last name. Please follow the straightforward on-screen instructions to invalidate your booking successfully.

c) Through the Airline’s Email Address

Hawaiian Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy allows clients to nullify a flight by email. You can contact the support team directly for cancellation assistance. Ensure that you include all the necessary flight details, in the email.

Some of the essential details include booking number, last name, destination and departure date. The customer care will capture your details and nullify the air ticket for you.

Offline Hawaiian Air Ticket Cancellation Process

The beauty of Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy is that it provides offline ticket cancellation option. A customer is at liberty to revoke the reservation offline successfully. At the moment you can either contact customer service or visit the airport.

a) Contacting Customer Care

One may contact customer care to revoke a booking for a customer. The fantastic news is that the customer care agents do not ask for extra charges. Not to mention that they rescind the booking, in minutes.

Feel free to call tel: for immediate assistance. Customer care agents are always ready and willing to serve you.

b) Visit the Airport

Another offline option of cancelling the air ticket is visiting the airport. You’re free to pay us a visit at the head offices.You’ll meet a professional team of customer care agents who’ll serve you to your satisfaction.

However, the airline encourages customers to explore online ticket cancellation option. They assure customers that the online cancellation options are highly convenient and reliable.

How to Get a Hawaiian Airlines Refund

As mentioned earlier, Hawaiian Airlines refunds all the eligible customers. Typically after you cancel the flight, the Refund Department begins to process the refund. Kindly note that the airline usually utilizes the same payment method to repay you. Additionally, the airline first deducts applicable service charges before refunding you.

Another option to request a refund, is via calling. However, you must ensure that your Hawaiian Airlines reservations is still valid. If you fail to cancel the booking during the validity period, you lose the travel funds.

You’ll be glad to know that the airline takes between 7 to 14 business days to process refunds. Therefore, if your repayment delays for long, get in touch with the customer service. As long as you provide accurate flight details, you have no reason to tense. You’ll receive what you deserve.

What is Hawaiian Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee?

If you do not nullify the booking within 24 hours, you must pay up a Hawaiian Airlines cancellation fee. Typically, Hawaiian Airlines deducts this fee from the paid reservation fee. Technically the value of the cancellation fee relies on the type of ticket you buy. For more information, feel free to refer to your tickets fare rules.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy

Hawaiian Airlines allow a customer to modify a reservation. However, you must change the booking at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure date. At the moment the airline charges a change fee of USD30. Please note that the air ticket differences may apply.

In case you book a cheaper flight, you may be eligible for a partial refund. However, you must strictly follow the Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy. Please note that the airline offers different ways of changing a flight.

Firstly, you can contact the customer service to modify the flight. Alternatively, you can visit the airline’s official website to change your booking. You must know that you can only change the reservation of a valid air ticket.

Hawaiian Airlines Compensation Policy

You’ll never come across a more punctual staff that those of the Hawaiian Airlines. Typically the airline rarely delay flights for their customers. This explains why the airline does not await late customers. However, some unfortunate occurrences may necessitate either a flight delay or a cancellation.

For example, a natural occurrence may easily necessitate a flight delay. In such a case, the airline does not compensate customers. On the contrary, if an employee’s error leads to a delay, you may claim compensation. Similarly, if a technical hitch occurs, you can equally claim a repayment.

In most cases, the airline compensates a customer, if they delay a flight for 3 hours or more. Here’s some good news, the airline notifies customers in advance. For instance, if they anticipate a flight delay, they’ll tell you at least 2-3 hours in advance.

Kindly note that you may be eligible for a compensation of up to $706.The airline sends you this payment via your preferred online payment method. You must note that Hawaiian Airlines only refunds directly affected clients.

FAQs Related to Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

1. How can I book a Hawaiian Airlines’ air ticket?

Technically, there are two significant ways of booking a reservation. Firstly, you may choose to contact the support team to book directly. The second option available is to complete the ticket booking process online. Kindly note that you’ll receive an email confirmation if your booking was successful.
You must book a flight at least 3 hours before the set departure time. It’s crucial to keep the booking email confirmation. Remember that you’ll need those details in case you decide to nullify a booking.

2. If my air ticket is past the date of travel, am I entitled to a refund?

No, you’re not! For one to get a refund, they must cancel a valid ticket. Generally, if you cancel the air ticket after the expiry date, the customer service will reject your request. Kindly ensure that you check the validity of your air ticket. Interestingly, if you cancel the air ticket a day before the expiry date, you’ll still get a refund.

3. Does Hawaiian Airlines have a no show policy?

Yes, they do! If a customer fails to show up for a flight, the airline nullifies your reservation. The good news is that you can request a refund. Alternatively, you may opt to re-book the flight. Similarly, if one appears late for the trip, you risk ticket cancellation. The airline’s staff are highly punctual to avoid inconveniencing the clients.

4. What’s the validity of a Hawaiian Airlines’ air ticket?

A Hawaiian Airlines air ticket has a validity of 12 months. Therefore a customer can cancel the flight within those 12 months. The unfortunate reality is that if you delay beyond 12 months, you lose the travel funds.

5. How can I obtain a refund if I paid my reservation in cash?

Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy specifies how to obtain a refund. Usually, if you paid the reservation in cash, it would be wise to call the customer service directly. You’ll agree with them on the best payment method. However, you must know that the airline rarely deals with, hard cash.
For this reason, they may ask you to choose your preferred online payment method. The good news is that you’ll receive your due refund just like other eligible customers.

6. What are some of the destinations does Hawaiian Airlines covers?

Hawaiian Airlines flies to nearly 35 different destinations. The exciting news is that the airline covers both domestic and international destinations. Here are some of the notable destinations.
* South Korea
* Tokyo
* Japan
* China
* Australia
* New Zealand
* Philippines

7. If I have only used part of the ticket, can I request a refund?

Yes, you can! However, you must request the repayment before the ticket expires. Kindly note that Hawaiian Airlines cancellation fee may apply. For this reason, the airline will first deduct any applicable service charge.

8. Can I book a hotel via the airline’s official website?

Yes, you can! The airline allows a customer to book both a reservation and a hotel. The beauty of booking the hotel via the website is that you may enjoy massive discounts. Not to mention, that you get a high-quality hotel room on time. Additionally, there are multiple hotels that you can choose from before it’s too late.

9. How can I check the status of my flight?

Today, there are multiple ways of confirming your flight status. Firstly you can check the flight status on the airline’s official website. For you to know the flight status, you’ll have to provide essential information such as flight number, route and destination.
Secondly, you can contact customer service to confirm the status of your flight. Please ensure that you provide them with the necessary details such as flight number, destination and your full name.

10. What happens if I cancel the air ticket due to a looming uncertainty?

You may get the refund if your air ticket is valid. The beauty of Hawaiian Airlines is that it respects customer’s privacy. Kindly ensure that you strictly follow Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy.
It may interest you to know that Hawaiian Airlines has an elaborate compensation policy. Therefore, you ought not to fear that your ticket may be nullified. If the airline nullifies the air ticket suddenly, you can claim compensation of up to $700.

11. If I fall ill, can I request the airline to cancel the ticket?

Yes, you can! Hawaiian Airlines allows a customer to nullify a booking for different reasons. However, you must ensure that your air ticket is valid. Kindly note that a Hawaiian Airlines cancellation fee may apply. a) Via Hawaiian Airline’s official website

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