Special Assistance

Hawaiian Airlines take exceptional care of travelers with special needs. Hawaiian Airlines special assistance policy spells out strict guidelines. Passengers with any form of disability enjoy these services at no extra charge.

How to Request for Special Services

A customer must request for special assistance in advance. Prior notification enables customer care to make the necessary arrangements. Firstly, you can contact customer care via +1-800-778-4838 to request for these services.

One can equally reach customer service by calling +1-800-455-9880 to request for them. The agents will jot down your details and assign you an assistant. Please note that you won’t be asked to pay any charges for this.

Alternatively, you can fill in a Hawaiian Airlines special assistance form. customer care representatives will review your application before they get back to you.

Examples of Special Services

Hawaiian Airlines offers several Hawaiian Airlines special services. They include;

You should report at the Hawaiian Airlines reservations help desk as soon as you arrive at the airport. The airline’s customer care representatives will assign you an assistant right away.

Policy on Service Animals

Hawaiian Airlines allows emotional support animals, preferably a dog. However, the animal must meet all the criteria set by the special services Hawaiian Airlines pet policy. For instance;

  • The service animal must have an identification tag.
  • You must provide the mental health professional license of the animal.
  • A traveller must provide a written document explaining the role of the emotional support animal
  • A written document admitting that the ESA won’t require to relieve itself, especially on the plane. Remember that you have a responsibility to uphold cleanliness during the flight.

Normally, Hawaiian Airlines won’t charge you any pet fare. Today, the airline won’t allow service animals such as;

  • Snakes
  • Spiders
  • Fish
  • Rodents

Travelling with an Assistant

Hawaiian Airlines special assistance policy, allows one to fly with a human assistant. However, in such a case, you’ll be required to purchase an air ticket for him or her. On the contrary, if you travel with an emotional support animal, no animal fare will apply.

Apart from that, you’ll be expected to notify customer care immediately. Customer care agents will assign you adjacent seats for apparent reasons.