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Hawaiian Airlines travel with pets permits you to fly with a pet, if you so wish. However, it would help if you familiarize yourself with all the guidelines in place. Any violation of a guideline may lead to either banning or the cancellation of Hawaiian Airlines reservations.

Please note that your pet must be at least 6 months old. Remember that the airline won’t tolerate any form of unruly behavior.

How to Add a Pet to Your Reservation

A customer can contact the reservations department to inform them if they wish to fly with a pet. Kindly reach the department via +1-800-367-5320, during business hours. Travelling with pets expects one to notify customer service at least 48 hours before the flight.

Kindly note that the airline may limit the number of pets which fly in the cabin. Therefore, if you delay, you’ll have to carry your pet as checked cargo.

Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Policy on Service Animal

If your service also doubles as your pet, you have no reason to worry. However, unless you have a special disability, the airline will charge you a pet fare. Remember that Hawaiian Airlines travel with pets, policy strictly applies to pets.

Pet Fares

Normally, the airline will charge you a pet fare for each pet container. Today, you’ll have to pay a pet fare of $60 for each way. On the flip side, if you wish to buy an inter-island Hawaiian Airlines pet reservations, you need to set aside $225 each way for it.

Pet Carrier Requirements

A customer can only carry a pet in an FAA-approved pet container. Ensure that the pet carrier is;

  • Well ventilated.
  • Pet carrier must be leak-proof.
  • Spacious and comfortable.
  • The pet container must not weigh more than 32 kilograms.
  • It must not weigh more than 36 inches by 25 inches by 27 inches.
  • An expert at the airport must inspect the kennel for clearance.

Hawaiian Airlines Prohibited Pets

Unfortunately, travel with pets policy, mainly accepts dogs and cats. For this reason, you cannot travel with pets such as;

Dutch PugChow ChowAlligatorsEnglish Bulldog
SnakesFrogsConfrontational birdsJapanese Spaniel chin