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Hawaiian Airlines permits minors to travel to whichever destinations they please. However, such travelers must take note of the Hawaiian Airlines infant policy. This travel policy stipulates a few guidelines for one to follow.

How to Book a Flight for a Minor

Unfortunately, the infants and children travel policy does not allow a minor to book a flight on their own. An adult, preferably a parent is free to reserve a booking for his or her kid. For instance, the parent can visit Hawaiian Airlines reservations official site to purchase an air ticket.

Better still, you can Hawaiian Airlines customer service to request them to book a reservation. Feel free to dial +1-800-367-5320, especially during working hours. The agents will book air tickets for you at no charge. If the booking is successful, you’ll immediately receive an email confirmation message.

Lastly, you can use the Hawaiian Airlines app to book a flight. You need to click on the book a flight option to start this online process. Typically you can complete the process successfully as the airline provides countless online payment methods.

Hawaiian Airlines Infant Policy

Travel Documents

Travelling with your Hawaiian Airlines infant policy stipulates a few travel documents. These documents include;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • An adult’s ID(Preferably the parents’)
  • Consent document

Hawaiian Airlines Infant Fares

Normally, infant fares rely on the age of your kid. For instance, kids under 11 years will pay 0.75 of the adult fares. However, domestic flights attract lower infant fares than international reservations.

Apart from that a minor service fee of $100 may apply for travelers of age 5 to 13 years. Kids above 13 years are free not to consider this vital unaccompanied minor service.

Unaccompanied Infants Travel Policy

Hawaiian Airlines mainly allows kids above 5 years to travel unaccompanied. Usually, the airline allows unaccompanied to travel domestically or on direct flights. Such a parent must be accompanied by their parent or guardian to consent their flight.

Usually, such minors must take advantage of the unaccompanied minor service assistance. However, the Hawaiian Airlines infant policy dictates that minors above 13 years can opt-out of this service.

Kid’s Check-in Policy

A parent is free to confirm air tickets online if they wish to travel with the kids. However, if the kid is to travel alone, they can only confirm the booking at the airport. Hawaiian Airlines check-in process opens 24 hours before the flight. Additionally, it would help if you were accompanied by the guardian or the parent at the airport. The parent must suggest a suitable pick-up point and provide their contact details.

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